Raising Money for a New Church & Clean Drinking Water

The proceeds from this year’s event will help Laura and Wilto with two very important needs on the Island of LaGonave: one spiritual and one physical.

First, the donations this year will help build a Church to hep serve the spiritual needs which is the core mission of Laura and Wilto’s ministry .  God’s Ministry in La Gonave is a 501c3 non- denominational Christian organization that has answered the call to serve our brothers and sisters in Belle-Vie on the island of La Gonave, Haiti.  View of the School / Church

Here’s a photo of the existing church.  You can see that it’s not very sturdy and doesn’t hold up to  winds, rain and even hurricanes!

And to meet the physical needs of the community, we’re raising money to dig and construct a cistern for drinking water–something that most of us take for granted every day.  Much of the drinking water on the Island comes from public wells or the collection of water from roofs.  I saw one of the public wells near the cow pasture converted to soccer field when I visited a year and a half ago and I photographed these two smiling boys who were bringing water from the well to take home to their family.Haiti boys and water jugs

Because of everyone’s generous donations in last year’s run, we were able to build a new 5 room School with a nice large roof to collect water from!

The spiritual and physical needs for the village of Bel Vie on the Island of LaGonave Haiti are great so we very much appreciate your interest and financial support of our event!

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