Where is Bel Vie & La Gonave?

Bel Vie on the Island of La Gonave

Bel Vie is a small remote village right smack dab in the middle of the island of La Gonave.

When I traveled there over New Year’s, it took about 5-6 hours by the time I left the airport in Port Au Prince until Wilto and I arrived at Bel Vie.  It was a couple hour car ride to a ferry, 1 1/2 ferry ride to La Gonave and the port city of Anse-à-Galets and then a couple hour, bumpy ride to Bel Vie.

The remoteness of Bel Vie is what makes it quite expensive to get supplies and building materials to Laura.  It’s also expensive for Laura and Beno’s trips to Port Au Prince as they are working with the US Embassy for a travel visa for Beno to come to the States in the, hopefully, not-to-distant future.

The village of Bel Vie is quite pretty and spread out.  There aren’t any utilities like running water or electricity.  Water comes from wells and solar panels are used to charge 12-volt batteries during the day for some light in the evenings in some homes (not many from what I could see.)

Terraced farmland for beans and corn


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